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Come and cialis cheap canada have fun dancing Argentine Tango with us. You will learn the smooth, gorgeous and elegant movements of the Tango. Easy to follow, our classes are for those who want to www.copclm.com feel the Emotion, the Musicality and the purchase viagra from canada Romanticism that makes the Tango a unique experience.

For the most common questions about our classes please see our FAQ’s page.

So, we would like to welcome you to the magic experience of tango. This is the beginning of your road to become a great tango dancer. That’s good news, since tango is a dance you can enjoy in every country of viagra samples the world. It is an amazing way to meet new people, share wonderful moments with your sweetheart and also according to a research study from McGill University in Montreal, Argentine Tango improves your health and brain functions.

But, let’s say this is the first time you decide to take dance lessons or you believe you have two left feet or perhaps tango is a dance you always admired but haven’t tried yet. Then, our beginner’s class is right for you! See when it’s the next Intro to buying viagra over the internet safe Tango Workshop.

Every week you will learn exercices in balance, coordination, body posture, tango walking, lead and follow communication, musicality and navigation on the dance floor. These are essential concepts you need to know to have a lot of fun and cialis for less 20 mg stay confident each time you dance the tango. See the natural viagra Tango Fundamentals Class.

Because we know how you feel when you begin, we will help you to feel good.

So…you think you can dance? We believe that everybody can dance and of course, you too! What you need is our expert training, a nurturing environment and your desire and commitment to become the dancer you want to be. We know many students who didn’t think they could do it and today you can’t stop them from dancing. But be aware, this may happen to you!

When we dance tango we become in a way one human being with four legs…and yes, it is true, it takes two to tango! This is the reason why we teach you to move feeling not just your body but to extend your sensitivity to http://www.copclm.com/buy-viagra-online-from-canadacheap-viagra-tablets include your partner. Then, magic happens! As a gentlemen you will experience the great pleasure of leading and as a lady get prepared for the exquisite joy of following.

Dancing is cialis for less 20 mg one of the most beautiful experiences we can have as human beings. Go for it and enjoy it!

In this class you will be training the most important elements that you need to command as a successful tango dancer. Be prepared to enhance your body awareness, movement technique, power creation, sense of balance and all details that you need to keep refining in order to improve your dances skills at any level. See Class Schedule.

We will focus on:

Warm up and best price for viagra stretching

  1. Walking Technique for Leaders and Followers
  2. Body Posture for Tango
  3. Engaging the whole body while dancing
  4. Footwork placement skills
  5. Leading and following exercises
  6. Balance exercises
  7. Grounding exercises
  8. Weight transfer exercises
  9. Pivoting exercises

We will focus on the embrace, walking, turning and the basic figures you need to know to progress to the Intermediate Level Class. We also teach the codes of www.arpeggioacoustics.com social dancing and proper Tango etiquette, so that you can enjoy social Tango dance parties which are called “Milongas”. See Class Schedule.

  1. Open and Close Embrace exercises
  2. Connection: creating togetherness
  3. Fundamentals of Leading & Following
  4. Walking, weight changes and rock-steps
  5. Parallel versus Cross-system
  6. Check Steps and cheapest prices on viagra Check Step Turn
  7. Pivots
  8. Forward and Backward Ochos
  9. La Cruzada (cross)
  10. Ocho Cortado and rockstep turns
  11. Molinete
  12. Introduction to tango rhythms
  13. Floor navigation exercises
  14. Improvisation and Creativity: tango as a dialogue
  15. Change of speed and direction exercises
  16. Tango etiquette

This is the right class for you if you have been taking our Beginner Level Class for a few months (this depends on your pace of learning ) or by the generic cialis non prescription teachers recommendation. See Class Schedule.

  1. Caminada, Walking Technique: refinements and variations
  2. Getting the most from the cross and parallel systems
  3. Going to la cruzada: refinements and variations
  4. Corridas
  5. Suspensiones and overnight viagra generic Pausas
  6. Paradas
  7. Forward and Backward Ocho variations
  8. Ocho Cortado with variations
  9. Intermediate Level Giros
  10. Intermediate Level Boleos
  11. Intermediate Level Ganchos
  12. Intermediate Level Sacadas

If you have been dancing Argentine tango for a reasonable time and/or you have enough experience to move to we like it buy branded cialis the next level. You will be training with us doing more complex movements. See Class Schedule.

  1. Advanced Giros
  2. With and Contra-Boleos, Circular and Linear Boleos
  3. Ganchos and Enganches
  4. Barridas, Llevadas y Planeos
  5. Sacadas, Contra-Sacadas and Back Sacadas
  6. Volcadas and Colgadas variations
  7. Cadenas
  8. LLevadas
  9. Soltadas
  10. Embellishments for Leaders and Followers
  11. Molinetes and Variations
  12. Dancing with Musicality Advanced Level

While learning all these different patterns the subtleness, connection, navigation and buy viagra from india musicality will be always emphasized.

VALS CLASS (All Levels)
Vals is one of the rhythms that we dance to at Tango Dance Parties. This class will focus on the lively and unique dancing expression of the rhythm of Vals with it’s multiple possibilities. See Class Schedule.

Milonga is one of the rhythms that we dance to at Tango Dance Parties. This class will focus on dancing Milonga Lisa and Milonga con Traspie. See Class Schedule.

We look forward to meet you on buying viagra in the uk the dance floor!