Class Description



You will learn the fundamentals of the Argentine Tango (this class is geared toward beginning dancers but it is open to everyone who would like to continue to improve the basic elements of this dance). We start with exercises in balance, coordination, body posture and continue with tango walking, lead and follow communication, navigation on the dance floor, musicality as well as the following steps:


1. Balancing and Coordination Exercises

2. The Tango Walk

3. Connection

4. The Embrace (Close and Open)

5. Moving in Parallel and Crossed system.

6. La Baldosa (the box step)

7. Forward and Backward Eight figures (ocho hacia adelante y para atras).

8. Molinetes (little windmill).

9. Check Steps

10. Rock Steps

11. Musicality

12. Tango and Floor Etiquette



Our experience tells us that everybody has their own pace to learn. Therefore, you may stay in the beginners class for as long as you need or at least for a period of six (6) months.





So…you have studied in our beginners class for a reasonable time and you want to move to the next level, become an outstanding tango dancer and learn even more? Then, join us in this class too! We will teach you the subtleness of the this dance and amazing patterns that make the tango so divine.


1. Walking and Turning

2. Molinete Figures

3. Ganchos

4. Boleos

5. Barridas

6. Sacadas

7. Paradas

8. Giros

9. Rebotes

10. Calesitas

11. Musicality

12. Tango and Floorcraft Etiquette





In this class you will be learning the following figures among others:


1. Llevadas

2. Volcadas

3. Colgadas

4  Giros

5. Cadenas

6. Enganches

7. Pasadas

8. Mordidas

9. Arrastres

10. Musicality in Tango.



While learning all these different patterns the connection, navigation and musicality will be always emphasized.




This is one of the three rhythms of the tango family. Learn the fundamentals of dancing to milonga and delve deeper into the rhythmical variations as you focus on patterns unique to milonga, including double time, traspie, and more.




This is one of the three rhythms of the tango family. You will learn how to hear, feel and move with grace and confidence to the most common rhythmic patterns found in Argentine Vals. We will show you how to create variations of the basic rhythms that will add playfulness to your musical expression.




This is an open for all level tango dancers and a great opportunity to practice everything you learned in our classes.





Hip Hop incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles. The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music.




West Coast Swing is a form of swing dancing that is danced in a slot to moderate tempo blues, R&B and, in recent times, contemporary music. It is the smother, sexier version of the swing dance family. Its basic patterns are both 6 and 8 beats, but those patterns can be varied by +/- 2 beat increments. It is characteristically highly musical and can adopt many nuances from other forms of dance. This makes West Coast Swing a highly versatile dance form.

This class is for Intermediate Level




Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.




We teach specialty workshops and ocasionally have guest teachers at the Motion Arts Center studio, please click here for more info.





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