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About Gustavo and viagra samples online Jesica

They are from Buenos Aires, Argentina the world capital of Tango. From a very early age, they both began to develop a passion and interest for dance and music.


Gustavo’s connection to california-audio.com Tango began from the time when he was born. The reason is that his parents met each other dancing Tango in the clubs of tramadol no rx online Argentina, when it was more of a typical dance and everyone got together to have a good time. His father, a tango dancer who was also a musician, guided his first Tango steps when the http://rusabawean.com/i-need-viagra-today family would gather around for parties. When Gustavo was a child his father would put his little feet on top of his to mark the steps together. He would always be picked as the lead role for the school plays and shows where he learned and performed the folkloric dances of his country. As time passed, Gustavo realized that Tango was his passion. He deeply felt the profound meaning of the lyrics, the energy of the music and the low cost levitra beauty of the dance.

He was hooked by the magic world of www.icacnda.edu.bo the Milongas (Tango Parties) and he decided to learn from many of the greatest dancers in the city. He was exposed to many different styles of Tango and he always wanted to develop a way that gives more importance to the sense of “being dancing with a partner”. Thanks to buy levitra low price this exposure he created his unique tanguero style. Gustavo teaches and www.cialis.com performs with Jesica, his Tango and life partner. Amazingly, they met each other dancing Tango in a Milonga.


Jesica Hornos began her dance training at the age of 4, and was studying at the Escuela Nacional de celebrex without prescription Danzas by the age of 6. This was her first introduction to Tango and other Argentinian folkloric dances. When she was 11, Jesica was accepted into the world renowned Teatro Colon in Argentina where she studied there for the next two years until she moved to the United Sates. Then, she began her dance training at the University of Akron, Dance Institute in Ohio under the wonderful direction of Gena Carroll and Lana Carroll Heylock.

She also studied at Steps in New York City as well as the Royal Ballet of recommended site viagra no presciption Flanders in Belgium. At age 17, Jesica joined the Ohio Ballet were she danced professionally for 4 years with director and choreographer Jeffrey Hughes. Later on, she moved to California were she studied with Alonzo King, director of Lines Ballet in San Francisco.

But Jesica was always very attracted to Argentine Tango. She felt she was able to express herself more deeply, and she was amazed by the sensual, smooth and refined movements of this dance. One wonderful night at a Milonga, Jesica saw a guy with fancy striped black and white pants dancing so beautifully. She was totally captivated by the fluidity and skills of his movements. At the same time, because she didn’t know how to tango at that level, she was a little afraid that he might ask her to dance.

Then, she was chatting with people in the room when she heard his deep voice saying “would you like to propecia w/o perscription dance with me?”. She turned her head around and saw that it was the www.parunners.com guy with the fancy stripped pants. It was Gustavo, she was shocked! It was clear that this was the best dance she ever had, period. So she decided to start studying the Art of Tango with him. Their connection was so deep that they became tango and www.flwbc.org life partners ever since.


On Friday July 22nd, 2011 Gustavo and Jesica Hornos competed in New York and won the First Place becoming the official USA Argentine Tango Stage Champions.

In January 2014 Gustavo and Jesica Hornos were featured in OZY, a digital media magazine, see video below. Click here to read the article:


At the Premier of the Film

At the Premier of the Film

Gustavo and Jesica Hornos at the San Francisco Premier of the HBO movie “Hemingway and Gellhorn” with Oscar winner actress Nicole Kidman, Clive Owen & Director Philip Kauffman.

Gustavo and Jesica are featured dancers in the Tropicana Club scenes. This 2012 movie has just been nominated with 15 Emmy Awards.

With Film Director Philip Kaufman

With Film Director Philip Kaufman

Dancing in the HBO Film Hemingway & Gellhorn

Dancing in the HBO Film Hemingway & Gellhorn